Those of us with children may all know what it’s like to receive the devastating, “Your kid is sick again,” phone call from daycare.  As a parent, we want what’s best for our children and we can feel helpless when they’re constantly feeling ill. Our co-founder experienced this precise feeling during the early years of his oldest child’s life.  Frustrated with Western Medicine’s lacking in natural and preventative care, he turned to his mother, Dr. Mei Juan Lu, renowned Doctor of Traditional Medicine, for help. With many years of experience, she formulated a special recipe that was specific to the needs of her grandson.  A tasty, concentrated herbal supplement, she had prescribed to many of her adult patients with great clinical success, was altered to a slightly milder form for children. The results spoke for themselves, and to this day, the entire family (among many others) continue to take Dr. Lu’s All-Natural Immunity supplement to help maintain a system in harmony.*

Dr. Lu comes from a long pedigree of Chinese Medical Doctors.  As a fourth generation doctor, since childhood, Dr. Lu has been immersed with the knowledge of Chinese medicine under the guidance of her grandfather and father. At the age of sixteen, as an understudy of her father, she gained a world of knowledge through his practice and clinical experience in Chinese medicine. Dr. Lu went on to receive her OMD at ShangHai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and practiced Chinese Medicine in regional hospital in Changshu, JiangSu, PRC for over 20 years before coming to the United States.  After arriving in the United States, she treated patients in her TCM center for another 28 years. During her years of practice in North America, she devoted herself to both clinical and theoretical research of TCM, bridging the theory of TCM with modern Western science.

Dr. Lu’s research includes the fundamental concepts of “Yin-Yang” and “Qi” of ancient Chinese philosophy and Chinese traditional medicine, as well as its relation with modern Western science.  As a member of the Society for International Mind-Matter Research, Dr. Lu has presented at numerous conferences and symposiums and is a regular contributor to the International Mind & Matter Journal. Writings include:  Lu, M & Busemeyer, J.R. (2014) Do Traditional Chinese Theories of Yi Jing (“Yin-Yang”) and Chinese Medicine Go Beyond Western Concepts of Mind and Matter? Mind & Matter Vol. 12(1); Lu, M. (1996) Treatment of patients with cancer in Chinese Traditional Medicine, which was presented to the St. Elizabeth Hospital Cancer Outpatient Treatment Group.   She also has served as a research consultant for the National Institute of Health (NIH) project in department of Ophthalmology at Indiana University. The current research project direction is: The cognitive dimension of Chinese medicine theory to consciousness.

Her extensive clinical experience plus her natural gift for Chinese medicine enables her to accurately diagnosis and prescribe the right Chinese herbal medicine with great accuracy and efficiency on a wide range of illnesses. Using that experience and knowledge, she has developed a series of  complex Chinese herbal supplement formulations to help achieve a healthy and balanced life by boosting one’s own immune system.*